Memory Brain Games

Forgetful elephant with string tied around his finger, from our collection of memory grain games at

Our new memory brain games are designed to help you boost your memory and .... have fun!

Whether you're trying the adult and children's games on your own or in a group, you're sure to enjoy yourself.

Memory Brain Games for Adults

Elephant holding a sign that reads,

Word Wall 1 - Give yourself or your friends just one minute to learn all 25 words on this wall. Then try to answer ten questions about those words correctly. Can you do it?

Word Wall 2 - Here's a tougher word wall. This time, give yourself two minutes to study these 25 words and then answer 15 questions. How does your score rate?

Memory Mayhem Party Game - How many of your guests will remember all the goofy labels you've placed around the room? Where was the word kumquat? What word was on the TV? Best of all, which of your friends has the best memory?

Aqua pencil and clipboard, part of our Memory Training Game

Memory Training Game - List Twists  Here's a simple game format to help you boost your memory! Study one of these word lists for the time given, then answer several specific questions. Work your way through increasingly difficult lists. 

How Much Do You Remember About These?

You may also enjoy solving these challenging crossword puzzles:

Cartoon state of Nevada, from our difficult crossword puzzle about U.S. States and Nicknames, from

A State by Any Other Name Each clue is the nickname for one of the 50 states in the U.S. You supply the state that matches! Even if you know only a few answers at first, you should be able to complete this interesting puzzle!

Biggest, Tallest, Longest Crossword To complete this challenging puzzle, you’ll need to supply the name of something that’s the biggest, tallest, highest, longest or deepest.

Coming Soon: Memory Games for Kids

Elephant holding a sign,

I'm working as quickly as I can to create some fun, new memory games for kids. Expect to find some here in the next few weeks.

While you're waiting, you my enjoy some of these kids' learning games from my other website,

Memory Matches - Use a familiar format to practice beginning sounds and letters. Free printable game cards included!

Try my version of Spelling Word Baseball.   Adapt the basic game for the best difficulty level for your students, using the many word lists on this website. Batter Up!

English Spelling Games - Try these challenging variations on the popular Boggle games. Your students will stretch their spelling and vocab skills!

Smiling active brain, from our collection of Fun Brain Games at

You may also enjoy my fun collection of brain games. These do not require skills in remembering, but you will be challenged in other ways!

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