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Fun Bridal Shower Activities

bridal bouquet

These fun bridal shower activities will make your big party truly memorable! Try several of our whole group activities and printable puzzlers for a fun-filled wedding party. We have games to play with the whole group, as well as individual paper-and-pencil game.

All of your guests are sure to have FUN and LAUGHS with these free, printable wedding games!

Bridal Shower Activities for the Whole Group

printable bridal shower purse game

Bridal Shower Purse Game: Each guest is sure to find treasures in her purse that will yield lots of points. But will she find items that will cause her to lose points, too? New twists on a fun game.

NEW! Detailed Differences - A fun adult memory game for your next party! How many differences can your friends spot? Perfect for showers, family gatherings or any party!

Crazy Games For Bridal Showers: Three crazy activities that your guests will love! Choose one, two or all three! Guests will enjoy laughing and interacting with each other. Super-easy prep for the hostess.

Printable Wedding Shower Activities

bridal shower word scramble game, all about the honeymoon

Honeymoon Word Scramble What should every bride take on that special trip? If your guests know, they'll have no problem with this puzzler.

Wedding Word Scramble Your guests will unscramble 15 wedding-related words, then find another hidden word.

Wedding Shower Scramble - Kitchen Appliances: How handy is the new bride in the kitchen, and how skillful are your guests with this tricky puzzle?

More Wedding Word Scramble puzzles Links to more of our free, printable wedding word scramble puzzles. Be sure to check them out!

red pot of cooking food

What's Cooking-Bridal Shower Game: Do your guests know all about food? Let them try this fun trivia quiz! Interesting facts will lead to some interesting discussion.

Wedding Cake Word Game This brand-new wedding game is sure to put some fun and excitement into your bridal shower. Guests earn points as they make words from "Wedding Cake". One of our favorites!

Wedding Word Search Puzzle This word search puzzle features all the important people needed to put a wedding together. But one name is missing. How long will it take your guests to find it?

Prickly Word Search A truly one-of-a-kind word search, perfect for your next bridal shower. The word list contains 40 words, but only 20 of them are actually in the puzzle. Could get a little thorny, eh?

For More Fun...

Please note that we have a huge collection of word games and puzzles that are fun to do anytime and they cover a wide range of topics. Some of these might also be fun to play at your bridal shower or other group event:

Full-Service Spa - Relax! Pamper yourself awhile while you solve word search puzzle on a popular topic

coffee cup

Coffee Word Search - This clever puzzle is designed inside a coffee mug! Grab a cup of your favorite blend while you solve it.

Celebrity Anagrams: See if you can rearrange the letters to spell the name of a current celebrity you might see on stage or in a movie.

Movie Crossword - We supply the year and two actors. You supply the title of a popular film. Fun and challenging.

Celebrities! Find the last name of the actor/actress who starred in each pair of films. Entertaining for you!

baby bottle

We also have a wide selection of baby shower word games!

Word-Game-World : The best place on the planet for free, printable word games


Think-a-Spell eBook

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101 Word Play Puzzlers eBook

101 Word Play Puzzlers eBook

More Buzzwords, Triangulairs, Zigzags and other fun word play puzzlers are packed inside this fun eBook!

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Crossword Puzzles for Kids

Crossword Puzzles for Kids eBook cover

Packed with 20 all-new crosswords, this is written especially for educators and parents of kids in grades 3-5. FUN!!!

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