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Print Crossword Puzzles Here!

Medium Level

newspaper puzzle, glasses and pencil

You're welcome to print crossword puzzles right here! Most of the puzzles on this page are at MEDIUM difficulty level. If you'd prefer puzzles at a different level, we also have collections of EASY and HARD levels.

Don't miss our crosswords written especially for KIDS!

NEW Crossword!

Martin Luther King, Jr.

NEW! Martin Luther King, Jr. Crossword - Here's a great crossword puzzle to honor a great leader! Share it with your family, students or co-workers, or solve it on your own.It's free and printable!

Variety Crosswords

Printable crossword puzzle about Corny Jokes!

Corny Jokes Crossword - In this printable crossword puzzle, every clue is very corny joke or riddle!

Love To Shop! Do you remember the fun of shopping in a big department store, either as a child or much more recently? Think on those experiences as you solve this fun, light crossword puzzle. 

Skipper from Gilligan's Island

Famous Duos - Do you know the other part of this famous duo? It's Skipper and ??? Complete over 40 more well-known duos from TV shows, cartoons, music, history, and more. Fun to solve on your own or with a friend!

chocolate donut

D-Lightful Dishes - Every answer begins with the letter D and names an edible food. Can you solve all of these delectable, delicious clues?

Super Sleuths - Can you deduce the names of fictional detectives, and the tools of their trade?

Vanna White and Wheel of Fortune

TV Game Show Hosts - How many game shows do you remember? This list goes all the way back to the 1950's. I supply the name of the game and the first name of one of the hosts. You supply the last name. How long will it take you complete this nostalgic puzzle?

smiling waiter

Restaurant Review - Check out your restaurant I.Q. as you solve clues about cooking, serving and dining in a restaurant. Fun!

Stormy Weather - Weather or not this is a breeze to solve, I’m sure you’ll feel right as rain when you’ve finished! Each clue in this crossword is a scrambled word related to the weather.

grimacing gardener

The Grimacing Gardener - Here's a crossword puzzle free for the weeding, hoeing and growing! Inspired by a recent encounter with poison ivy, I've written this puzzle challenging plights and pestilence associated with gardening.

Entertainment Crossword Puzzles

Hollywood Movies marquee

Movie Crossword - We supply the year and two actors. You supply the title of a popular film. Fun and challenging

Celebrities! Find the last name of the actor/actress who starred in each pair of films. Entertaining for you!

See It On Fox TV  Finish the titles for 20 popular Fox television shows. Should be easy, right?

heavy traffic

Commuter Crossword Puzzles You shouldn't need a crossword puzzle dictionary to solve this, making it the perfect puzzle for commuters. Print out an extra copy or two to share with your co-workers.

Country Music Hall of Fame Inductees - Supply the last names of the singers who made it BIG in the country music world!

Great Games Crossword  How well do you know some of the most popular board games?  Try this puzzle out to check your board game IQ.


Spanish Crossword Puzzle  Practice basic Spanish and English words in this educational crossword puzzle.

Orange colored map of the continental U.S.

Sports Cities  Find the hometown of teams from the NHL, NFL, MLB, and NBA.

USA Cities  Can you tell which state is the home of each set of cities?

Read All About It!

Classic Books and Authors We've featured some of the best books of all time in this ready to print crossword puzzle. Supply the LAST NAME of the author for each title listed.

New York Times Crossword Puzzles Trivia We've made our own crossword puzzle about the world's most popular crossword puzzles. How many answers do you know?

Here's a very simple, but related, puzzle called BOOK NOOK you may want to share with your family.

Print Crossword Puzzles from These Lists, Too!

A medical doctor in scrubs and mask, pointing a stethoscope forward

Medical Crossword Puzzle Test how well you know the names of your bones in this medical crossword.

Baby Shower Body Language A unique puzzle for your next baby shower. Double-meaning words mean double the fun!

Halloween Crossword Puzzle Have a treat, anytime of year!

Kids' Crossword Puzzles

If you want to print crossword puzzles for kids, here's a sampling from our larger collection of Kids' Crossword Puzzles:

Disney Crossword Puzzle Kids of all ages (and maybe grown-ups, too!) will enjoy supplying the names of important Disney characters from popular Disney films.

Calendar pages

Color Words Let your young learners unscramble these common color words and write them into the puzzle. A fun way to learn!

Calendar Words Here's a great way to work on Months of the Year and Days of the Week. Not only do your children need to know the answers, they also need to know how to spell these important words to complete this crossword puzzle.

Biblical Crossword Puzzles

You can print crossword puzzles for Bible classes and family events, too. Take a look at these...

The Apostle Paul How much do you know about Apostle Paul and his ministry? Try this crossword to see.

Noah's Ark Can you answer all these clues on one of the most famous events in the Bible?

the Apostle Paul in a green tunic

Characters in the Gospels A fun new Christian crossword puzzle featuring important people from the New Testament. Great to solve share with your small group, your youth group or your family.

The Story of Esther Check your knowledge of the life of this wise and beautiful queen. A challenging puzzle for yourself, your family, or a small group.

We have lots more free Bible games!

If you like to print crossword puzzles, you will probably also enjoy some of our classic word search puzzles!

Please note that we all have different areas of expertise. What's medium to some may be easy or difficult to others. So please try several puzzles at each level to find the ones that suit you best!

Author Ann Fisher in her office

Ann Richmond Fisher has been a published puzzle writer and educational author for more than 30 years. Ann LOVES to concoct new puzzle formats and solve word games of all kinds! Her puzzles have appeared in Highlights for Children, local newspapers, and dozens of books published by The Education Center, McGraw-Hill and more. Ann is a former classroom and homeschool teacher. See Ann's spelling website at www.spelling-words-well.com

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