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Ready to Print Bible Bingo Game For Your Small Group

Old Testament Bible Bingo

Bible opened to the book of Psalms

If you want to print Bible Bingo Games for learning fun, you're in the right place! Use this game at your next youth meeting, Sunday School class or church party. This works will with all ages. Bingo is also ideal for a family fun night!

We've designed four different Old Testament Bingo cards for your convenience. Here's one of them:

sample bingo card

Directions to Play & Print Bible Bingo Game:

To play this Bingo game:

1. Print out the master word list and playing cards from the pdf.

2. Cut apart the master word list. Place the words in a bowl or bag.

3. Make sure each player has a different game card. We've provided 4 in our pdf. We also have blank cards so you can make additional cards for more players. They're included in the link above.

4. Distribute markers or coins to each player to cover the words as they are drawn from the bag.

5. Choose someone to draw out one word at a time from the bag and call it out. Players cover the words that appear on their cards as the words are called out.

6. The first player to cover 5 words in a row – horizontally, vertically, or diagonally – wins the game.

7. Play several rounds. Award small prizes if you like to the players who score five covered spaces in a row.

Ideas for low-cost prizes include: quarters, pencils, stickers, treats, fast-food coupons, magnets with Bible verses, small notebooks, mugs, or anything age-appropriate from your local dollar store.

Print Bible Bingo Game Cards

Try this brand-new Bible Bingo Game featuring important words from the New Testament! Use the same rules above, but with New Testament words and names. 

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More Bible Games for Groups

open Bible

If you enjoyed this ready to print Bible Bingo game,  you may also want to try these fun group games:

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We also have lots of printable Bible games including Bible word search puzzles and Bible crossword puzzles.

We have something for just about everyone!

Bible Trivia

Colorful number three

The "Third" Bible Trivia Quiz - Here's a unique set of questions all about things that came not first, not second, but THIRD. Are you up to this challenge?

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Why use so many Bible games? 

Many adults just LOVE to study God's word independently. They love to research and accumulate knowledge. That's great! But many adults need a bit of a nudge. And children, especially, require some extra motivation to spend time learning and remembering important facts and accounts from the Word of God.

Games are ideal because they invite folks of all ages to participate with others, in a relaxed social setting, to learn and remember fascinating portions of scripture. God promises that His word is alive and active. It judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. (Hebrews 4:12) It directs our paths, it brings us strength, it keeps us from sin, and so much more. (Psalm 119)

God's word is one of the very most important things on which we should be meditating. It helps us to grow and mature in our relationship with God and with others. And that's why Bible Games are such a great pastime!

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