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Printable Bible Crossword Puzzle

Locations in the New Testament

closed Bible

This printable Bible crossword puzzle is a great way to check your knowledge on places in mentioned in the New Testament. See how many you can solve right away, then consult your Bible for more help, if needed. 

For each clue, write the name of the city or region mentioned in the New Testament.

Printable Crossword


Printable Bible crossword puzzle: Locations in the New Testament


2. Home town of Mary, Martha and Lazarus
5. City where Jesus made his triumphal entry
7. Paul was imprisoned in this important city
8. In Revelation, the church in this city was admonished not to be lukewarm
9. The "Place of a Skull," where Jesus was hung on the cross
10. City where the centurion's servant was healed from a distance
13. Dorcas, the kind and generous seamstress, was healed here
14. Paul and Silas were miraculously freed from a prison in this city
19. Samaritan city where Jesus met a woman at the well
21. Saul was on his way to this city when he was blinded
23. Peter healed a paralytic in this town
24. Jesus prayed in this garden shortly before his crucifixion
26. Island home of the Apostle John when he wrote Revelation
28. Jesus was baptized in this river
29. The pool at Jerusalem where a man lay for 38 years
30. City built by Herod the Great, home of Cornelius
31. Saul's home town, mentioned in Acts

Jesus with casks of water and wine


1. Where Jesus performed his first miracle
3. Paul's letter to the church in this city includes a passage about the full armor of God
4. Believers were first called Christians in this town
6. City where Jesus was born
10. Barnabus and Paul first sailed from Seleucia to this island
11. Country where Joseph and Mary fled with Baby Jesus to escape Herod
12. Paul wrote 2 letters to this church; one contains "the love chapter"
15. Paul healed a man had been lame from birth in this city
16. "Woe to Chorazin! Woe to ____!"
17. Jesus first met Peter and Andrew fishing in this Sea
18. Philip met an Ethiopian eunuch on this road
20. Where Jesus lived as a child
22. Region between Judea and Galilee where Jesus traveled
25. Village to which two disciples were walking when the met the risen Christ
27. Region containing Jerusalem and Bethlehem

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