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 A Bible Bingo Game
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New Testament Bible Bingo

Here's a new Bible Bingo Game featuring people and places from the New Testament. Use this free printable game with your family, Sunday School class, youth group or church party.  This flexible game works well for all ages.

I've designed four different New Testament Bingo cards for your convenience. Here's one of them:

sample bingo card

Directions to Use this Bible Bingo Game:

To play this Bingo game:

1. Print out the master word list and playing cards from the pdf.

2. Cut apart the master word list. Place the words in a bowl or bag.

3. Make sure each player has a different game card. We've provided 4 in our pdf. I also included blank templates so you can make additional cards for more players. They're included in the link above.

4. Make sure each player has markers or coins to cover the words as they are drawn from the bag.

5. Choose someone to draw out one word at a time from the bag and call it out. Players cover the words that appear on their cards.

6. The first player to cover 5 words in a row – horizontally, vertically, or diagonally – wins the game.

7. Play several rounds. Award small prizes if you like.

Print Bingo Game Cards

Try this popular printable Bible Bingo Game featuring words from the Old Testament!

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Holy Bible graphic

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We have something for just about everyone!

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying sales.