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Books of the Bible Puzzle

Scrambled Book Titles

Books of the Bible puzzle page

Try this entertaining Books of the Bible puzzle, on your own or in a group! Note the twist we've added. When you're done with this game, try some of the other Bible word games listed at the bottom of the page.

Books of the Bible Puzzle 

We've included an image of the printable page, and the full text, in larger print, below. 

Books of the Bible puzzle page


  • Unscramble the name of each book of the Bible and write it correctly in the blank.
  • Then write the letter from each numbered position in the corresponding blank at the bottom of the page.
  • You’ll spell a phrase that’s used to describe the word of God.

We’ve done the first one for you as an example.

Printable Bible Puzzle

1.  U T R H                       RUTH  (3)

2. T W A M H E T              _____________ (5)

3. B O P E R R S V           _____________ (5)

4. S U B N E M R              _____________ (7)

5. W R E S H B E              _____________ (6)

6. U S A J H O                  _____________ (2)

7. M O R A S N                 _____________ (1)

8. G E J D S U                  _____________ (3)

9. S T R E E H                  _____________ (3)

10. H M O L I P E N           _____________ (2)

11. L I N E D A                  _____________ (5)

12. S E E S I N G              _____________ (5)

13. S H E E P I S A N        _____________ (2)

14. C L A I M H A              _____________ (7)

15. H A R M E E J I           _____________ (3)

16. A G H A I G                _____________ (6)

17. S N A G I L A T A        _____________ (5)

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