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Bible Word Games

Bible People Pairs

Joseph leading Mary as she rides a donkey

Are you looking for new Bible word games for your next youth group meeting, Sunday School class party or other gathering?

Here is one great puzzle idea that works for many ages. Give a prize to the person who finishes first. Or play it on your own for a fun time.


Bible People Pair - Fun Bible Word Game

Try to untangle well-known Bible pairs of people in this unusual Bible word puzzle. Two names have been woven together in each line. Can you separate them? You do not need to change the order of any of the letters. Scroll way down to the bottom of the page to see the answers.

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Example: J O M A S E R P H Y – Joseph & Mary

1. A D E A V E M

2. G O D A L V I A I T D H

3. B R O U T A H Z

4. J E S A C A O U B

5. S I P L A U A S L

6. D E S L A I M S L O A N H

7. C A B A I E L N

8. A B S R A A H R A M A H

9. M O A A S R E O N S

10. P A R I Q U I S C I L L A L A

11. M A M A R R T Y H A

12. S A N A P A P N H I I R A A S

13. I S I S H A M A A E C L

14. R A C L E H E A L H

15. C J O A S L H E U B A

1. Adam & Eve 2. Goliath & David 3. Boaz & Ruth 4. Jacob & Esau 5. Silas & Paul 6. Delilah & Samson 7. Cain & Abel 8. Abraham & Sarah 9. Moses & Aaron 10. Aquila & Priscilla 11. Mary & Martha 12. Ananias & Sapphira 13. Isaac & Ishmael 14. Rachel & Leah 15. Joshua & Caleb

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