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Bible Games for a Group

Bible Baseball!

baseball batter

Need some fun and engaging Bible games for a group? Even non-baseball fans can participate in this fun Bible trivia game! You'll love this flexible game. Here we provide 30 questions so you can start right in, but you'll want to play this again and again with new questions of your own, focusing on the Bible facts you want to review.

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  1. Draw a baseball diamond on a dry-erase board.
  2. Choose an emcee and a scorekeeper. The emcee reads the questions. The scorekeeper keeps track of base runners, runs, and outs.
  3. Divide the players into two teams.
  4. Decide how many innings will be played.

5. The emcee reads a question to first player on Team 1. It will be either a single, double, triple or HR, based on difficulty.

6. If the player answers the question correctly, the scorekeeper puts an X on the proper base. For instance, if the player answer a SINGLE correctly, the scorekeeper draws an X on first base.

7. If the player answers incorrectly, he makes an out.

8. The next player comes to bat. If he answers correctly, the scorekeeper advances the first base runner and adds another. Note: There are no stolen bases. Runners only advance as far as the batter. For example, suppose there's a runner on first base. The batter correctly answers a DOUBLE. The runner on first advances to third base, and the batter goes to second base.

9. Play continues until Team1 has 3 outs.

10. Team 2 goes to bat for the bottom of the first inning.

11. The team with the most runs when the game ends is the winner.

Bible Baseball Questions

You can write your own questions, based on the abilities of the players or use the ones we've written for your convenience.

We've posted 10 questions and answers here, but the printable version includes 30 for your game-playing convenience!

Once you have the hang of this, it will become one of your favorite Bible games for a group!

1. Single: Where did the wise men find Baby Jesus? (in a house in Bethlehem, Matt 2:11)

2. Triple: Where was Paul baptized? (In a house in Damascus, Acts 9:10-11)

3. Double: Where was Peter when the Lord instructed him in a vision from heaven? (On a housetop in Joppa, Acts 10:1-8)

4. Single: Where did Jesus perform his first miracle? (At Cana,John 2: 1-11)

5. Single: What two cities were destroyed because of their wickedness? (Sodom and Gomorrah, Gen 18)

6. Single: In what city did Jesus receive a royal welcome? (Jerusalem, Matt 21)

7. Double: What was the town of Mary and her sister Martha? (Bethany, John 11:1)

8. Single: Who dreamed of a ladder reaching to heaven? (Jacob, Gen 28)

9. Triple: In a dream, who saw seven fat-fleshed and seven lean-fleshed cows come up out of a river? (Pharaoh, Gen 41)

10. Home Run: Whom did Jesus call “a fox”? (King Herod, Luke 13:31-32)

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