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If you're looking for some brain games free, fun and very unique, you've come to the right place! Here is a sampler of brain teasers, based on my "Dollar Dictionary" theme. Check out the links below for more sets on specific topics.

falling dollar sign

Use the chart to find the value of the CAPITALIZED words below. Add the value of each letter to find the total worth of each word.

Look at these examples:

ZERO = 26 + 5 + 18 + 15 = $64

ONE = 15 + 14 + 5 = $34

Your Turn!

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1. Is FIFTY worth more or less than $60?

Yes. FIFTY is worth $66.

purple car

2. Who makes the cheapest cars: FORD, DODGE, or CHEVY?

DODGE is the cheapest, at $35.

3. Which planet is the most valuable: URANUS, NEPTUNE, or PLUTO?

NEPTUNE is worth the most, at a value of $95.

4. Which day of the week is the least expensive?

FRIDAY is worth the least, at a value of $63.

On the Job

Suppose workers were paid an hourly wage according to the letters that spell their occupation.

5. Find an occupation that pays less than $40 an hour.

6. Find an occupation that pays more than $100 an hour.

5. A BAKER is paid $37/hour.
6. A WEBMASTER is paid $106/hour.

Sports Shorts

Suppose that athletes were paid for each sporting event in which they participated in a similar manner. One BOXING match would earn the boxer $71.

boxing gloves

7. Find two sports that pay more than one BOXING match, but less than a game of BADMINTON.

TENNIS ($81), BOWLING ($82), and BASKETBALL ($85) are three possibilities.

Mystery Set

Now find the missing letters in these words. All the words belong to the same set. What is it?

8. __ + P + __ + __ + E = $50

9. __ + E + __ + R = $40

10. G + __ + A + P + __ = $47

11. __ + L + __ + E __ + E + R + __ + Y = $108

12. Find another word that belongs to this same set that is worth less than $40.

All words are fruits. 8. APPLE 9. PEAR 10. GRAPE 11. BLUEBERRY 12. A PEACH is worth $33.

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