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Brain Games for Adults

Occupational Hazard!

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These brain games for adults provide plenty of challenging fun!

Suppose that workers were paid an hourly wage according to the letters that spell their occupation.

Use the chart at the right to find the value of the CAPITALIZED words below. Add the value of each letter to get the total hourly wage.

Example:  BANKER = 2 + 1 + 14 + 11 + 5 + 18 = $51

Your Turn!

Here's the printable version. The complete text also appears below. 

Brain Games for Adults are fun to solve alone or in a group. Try these challenges called, "Occupational Hazard."  From www.word-game-world.com

Please note that sample answers are shown below. Many items have multiple correct solutions that are not included. Please send your favorite solutions to me using this contact form.

Printable version of all questions


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1. How much more does an ACTRESS earn than an ACTOR?

An ACTRESS ($85) earns $28 more than an ACTOR ($57).

2. What’s the lowest-earning profession you can think of?

One possible answer is a CHEF, who earns $22.

Estimate, then check.

3. Who makes more, a DOCTOR or a NURSE?

A NURSE ($77) makes more than a DOCTOR ($75).

plumber and pipes

4. Who makes more, PLUMBER or a TRUCKER?

A TRUCKER ($96) earns more than a PLUMBER ($87).

5. Arrange these from lowest to highest paid:   


DIETICIAN ($74), WAITER ($77), BUTLER ($78)

Find another occupation that pays exactly the same as a:



A PILOT and a MAYOR both earn $72.


An ARCHITECT and a PRIEST both earn $87.

Biggest Challenges

8. Find three professions that pay less than $40.

BAKER ($37), RABBI ($32), CABBIE ($22)

9. Find a 9-letter occupation that pays less than $90.


10. Find a 6-letter occupation that pays more than $90.

ARTIST ($91)

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