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Educational Games
for High School

Question mark written on a chalkboard, from our Educational Game for High School called "Is It or Isn't It?" at www.word-game-world.com

Is It or Isn't It???

In these educational games for high school, your students will try to determine down what IS and what ISN'T true. There are many ways to use this simple format to cover lots of important content. 

On this page, we'll give you one good example. Then your students can create more learning opportunities from there!

Is It or Isn't It?

Checklist on a clipboard with a pen, from our Educational Games for High School students

Basic directions:

1. Compile a list of 12 - 20 (or more) new or challenging vocabulary words and definitions.

2. Divide the class into two teams. Ask each team to choose a spokesperson. Decide who will keep score.

3. To begin the game, address the first team. Read one word from your list, and one definition. The definition does not need to match the word. Ask the students if the definition IS or ISN'T correct.

For example, call out the word DOMICILE. Ask, "Is or isn't the definition of DOMICILE of or belonging to the daytime?"

4. Players on the first team discuss if the definition is or isn't correct. The spokesperson announces the team's answers. The scorekeeper awards one point if the answer is correct, and no points if the answer is incorrect.

5. Play continues, with both teams having the same number of turns, until time runs out or the word list is exhausted.

6. The team with the most points wins.

7. Optional: Follow up the game with a short matching quiz of words and definitions for some or all of the words covered in the game. This allows you to check the progress of individual students. 

Sample Game Questions

Colorful Letter D, from our "Is It or Isn't It" educational games for High School students

Here are possible questions for 12 vocabulary words that all begin with the letter D:

1. Is or isn't the definition of DOMICILE of or belonging to the daytime?

2. Is or isn't the definition of DILAPIDATED run-down or neglected?

3. Is or isn't the definition of DUBIOUS doubtful?

4. Is or isn't the definition of DIURNAL a series of leaders from the same family?

5. Is or isn't the definition of DELICATESSEN a store that sells meats, cheeses and salads?

6. Is or isn't the definition of DIFFIDENCE a hesitancy or lack of confidence?

7. Is or isn't the definition of DEPOT a place of residence?

8. Is or isn't the definition of DECAHEDRON a solid figure with ten sides?

9. Is or isn't a DAMASK a sudden collapse or defeat?

10. Is or isn't a DELUGE a great flood of water?

11. Is or isn't a DYNASTY a reversible woven fabric of silk or linen?

12. Is or isn't a DEBACLE a railroad station?

1. ISN'T 2. IS 3. IS 4. ISN'T 5. IS 6. IS 7. ISN'T 8. IS 9. ISN'T 10. IS 11. ISN'T 12. ISN'T

Sample Follow-Up Quiz

Printable Version and Answers

Here's a brief dictionary quiz from our Educational Games for High School.

Extension activities:

1)Assign pairs of students to make lists of vocabulary words for other letters of the alphabet. Let that pair of students conduct the "Is It or Isn't It?" game with the rest of the class. 

2) Create even more educational games for high school using this format in other subject areas. For example, use this format for math questions, such as "Is or isn't 169 the square of 13?"

3) Use this format with to cover historical figures, events and dates.

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