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Best Educational Games

Pushing Pencils

Hand holding a pencil with an eraser from our "Pushing Pencils" educational game

We have some of the best educational games around for learning and enrichment--and quick history lessons, too!  

The first pencil with an eraser top was patented on March 30, 1858, by Hymen Lipman. But today, many people write and correct their words with a different device.

To find out what it is, follow each step below. Write the letters that result from each step in the blanks. Be sure to work with a pencil and an eraser in case you need to change an answer!

Printable Puzzle & Answers 

"Pushing Pencils," one of the best educational games from www.word-game-world.com.

Reference: https://pencils.com/hymen-lipman-pencil-patent/

Extension Activities

1. Discuss the pros and cons of using a regular pencil vs. a mechanical pencil. List instances of when one is better to use than the other.

2. Research any of these topics:

  • How many pencils are made from one tree?
  • How many trees are used to make pencils each year?
  • How many pencils are made around the world in a year? 
  • How far would all of these pencils reach, if they were laid end to end?

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Large black and white eye

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Personified state of Nevada, pushing a cart of silver nuggets

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Animated piece of paper and pencil, smiling

Quick Draw - Free Reading Game: Kids must follow directions and draw simple objects correctly. Accurate reading comprehension is a must! Students can add additional directions, making this a game to reuse throughout the school year. 

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