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Cool Educational Games

Pigs' Wigs???

Pig wearing a wig looking out of a pile of mud, from our very fun, cool educational game called, "Pigs' Wigs" from www.word-game-world.com.

Here's one of the new, cool educational games from Word-Game-World. How quickly can you complete it?  

You need to find a rhyming pair of words for the description on each line. Complete these with a friend, or race against someone to see who can solve these in the least amount of time. Ready, set.....Go!

Jot down your answers if you're using the web page, or write your answers in the blanks on the printable page.

Printable Puzzle & Answers 

"Pigs' Wigs" is one of the cool educational games from www.word-game-world.com. How quickly can you solve it?

Full Text

1. The opening on a male pig's pen

2. A tall tale about a farm building

3. Hair above a female pig's eye

4. A group of animals born to some creature

5. Damage done to a pasture

6. The best harvest of grain

7. An inmate convicted of stealing cantaloupe

8. The route for an equine race

9. The cleaning of certain gourds

10. A rearranging of taste underground fungus

11. A wisecrack about a hen's egg

12. A patch of chirping insects

13. Slime inhabited by web-footed birds

14. The hoedown director of greater stature

15. A mystery about a violin

(See answers at the printable link above.)

Extension Activities

Write more "Pig Wig" descriptions of your own.  Ask a friend to do the same. Then switch papers and try to solve each other's clues.

Also, when you're writing clues, try to see who can find the longest pair of rhyming words!

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