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Free Word Puzzle

Random Definitions

Open red dictionary, from our Random Definition free word puzzles. Find lots of great printable games at www.word-game-world.com

This free word puzzle is one of our favorites. We created the Random Definition (TM) design, and we think you're going to love it!

How to Solve:

Here's how it works. The key word appears in the puzzle diagram. Using only the letters from that word, you must form a smaller word for each definition listed. Then you must place your new answer words into the diagram.

Where? We don't tell you! The definitions are arranged randomly.


Random Definition Puzzle: Artichoke

As an example, look at the first clue. We'll tell you that the answer for that clue is CHOIR. But where should you put it in the diagram? There are 3 possible placements. You'll have to solve more clues before you'll know for sure.

That's what makes this word puzzle extra fun and challenging! We suggest you use a pencil as you begin to solve your printable puzzle.

Printable version


Free word puzzle : Random Definitions using the word ARTICHOKE

Note: It may appear that some answers can go in more than one spot. But you need to find a solution in which all the answers can be placed into the diagram.

So how did you do? Are you ready for another one?

Random Definition Puzzle: BLUEPRINT

Try the same type of puzzle again, this time using the letters in BLUEPRINT. How many words can you think of already, without even peeking at the clues?

Printable version


Free Word Puzzle, featuring our Random Definition format using only the letters in BLUEPRINT

You may also enjoy this ARMADILLO puzzle which uses the same format.

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