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Games that are Educational

Detecting a Device

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We have lots of games that are educational and FUN! Check out the links below...after you try this fun word play puzzler. This is great for kids to solve with a family helper, with a partner, or on their own. 

Detecting a Device, a fun educational game from www.word-game-world.com


On April 10, 1849, an extremely handy device was patented by Walter Hunt.

To find out what it was, use the clues below. Figure out what letter or letters are in the first word that are not in the second word. Write the possible letters for each line.  When you've finished writing the letters for all nine clues, you need to select the correct letters from all possible choices. Then you’ll be able to spell the name of the gadget.

Printable Page and Answers 

1. The first letter is in DRESS but not in RED.                        

2. The second letter is in APRON but not in POND.              

 3. The third letter is in SCARF but not in RACES.                  

 4. The fourth letter is in TIE but not in SHIRT.                        

 5. The fifth letter is in COAT but not in OVAL.                        

 6. The sixth letter is in LAUNDRY but not in UNLOAD.          

 7. The seventh letter is in PAJAMAS but not in SMALL.          

8. The eighth letter is in DIAPER but not in PARED.          

9. The last letter is in GOWN but not in WIG.                         

Now spell the name of this device that you might need if your clothes come apart! 

___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___      ___  ___  ___


Extension activities

Encourage students to research brief histories of other common inventions. Challenge students to make a puzzle like the one above and write a 1-2 paragraph summary about the invention to go with the puzzle.

Possible inventions include: adhesive tape, aerosol  spray can, ballpoint pen, bar code, bifocal glasses, bubble gum, can opener, escalator, globe, hot-air balloon, hot dogs, kite, lawn mower, paper clip, push pins, rubber bands, scissors, zippers, and many more. 

Students may also be interested in researching brand-name toys such as Legos, K'Nex, Lincoln Logs, Play-Doh, Slinky,  and others. 

More Games That Are Educational

There's a growing collection of games that are educational here at www.word-game-world.com. Use the tabs on the left to find the type of game or puzzle you're interested in.

Here are a few of my favorites:

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A gorilla, a fly and a dog from our "Animal Safari" fun educational game for kids

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**Reference:  http://www.enchantedlearning.com/inventors/page/s/safetypin.shtml

Remember, we have lots more games that are educational throughout this site. Find many more by using the tabs on the left under Kids" Corner. Be sure to contact me if you have any questions. 

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