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Mind Memory Games

Here's one of our newest mind memory games that you're sure to love, whether or not you enjoy baseball.  So...batter up for some memory-building fun!

Perfect Pitch

Goofy baseball pitcher, from our mind memory games


1. Study this picture for one minute. For your convenience, here's an online timer. Set the clock for 1 minute, choose your sound, and hit START. 

2. Scroll down to the list of questions. Be sure that you've scrolled far enough so you can't peek back at the picture!

3. Jot down your answers on a piece of paper.

4. When time is up, go down to the orange button at bottom of this page to check your answers. Or look back at the picture. 

Ready, Set, Go!

Perfect Pitch Questions

Before answering these questions, be sure you've scrolled down far enough to hide your view of the baseball pitcher!

1. Did the pitcher have a ball in his hand?  

2. What two colors were in his hat? 

3. How many cleats could you see on each of his shoes?  

4. Did he wear glasses? 

5. What color was his hair?  

6. How many fingers could you see on his bare hand? 

7. How many of his ears could you see? 

8. Was he wearing a mitt on his right hand or his left hand? 

9. Did the pitcher’s shadow appear in this picture?  

10. Did the pitcher’s uniform have stripes on only his shirt, only his pants, both, or neither?  

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Drum Roll, Please...

Behind this fabulous orange button, you'll find the answers to the ten questions above. 

Answers: 1) no 2) blue and red 3) two 4) no 5) brown 6) three fingers and a thumb 7) one 8) right 9) yes 10) both

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