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Word Anagram

Dynamites! TM

Dynamites are an original word anagram game, created by Word-Game-World's Ann Fisher. Why not give them a try?

In this new word puzzle you must use the letters in the "dynamites" word to form three 3-letter words on the left, and a set of three different 3-letter words on the right.

Don't repeat any words. Don't use anagrams of any words. For example, if you can CAR in the set of 3-letter words on the left, don't use ARC in the set on the right.

Here is an example:

Dynamite Word Anagram example

Now it's your turn!

You can solve them from your computer or use our printable version of this word anagram puzzle.

word anagram - Dynamite #1
Dynamite Word Anagrams 2-3
Dynamite Word Anagrams 4 -5
Dynamite Word Anagram 6
(Yours may be different from ours.)
#1 - fan, ore, ton; eon, fat, nor
#2 - air, hut, toy; hit, tar, you
#3 - bar, ice, red; arc, bid, ere
#4 - day, god, rub; boy, dad, rug
#5 - cab, ere, let; car, bet, eel
#6 - con, eel, ham; ale, hoc, men

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