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Name Anagrams

George Washington - anagram is Hasn't wig on?

What's in a name? See if you can you solve our unique set of name anagrams. Use all the letters in the phrase to spell the name of a well-known person. The anagrams usually contain a bit of a clue to the person’s name. We think you'll agree that solving anagrams is a lot of fun!

Here's a peek at the Printable Name Anagrams. The full text also appears below. 

Try to solve this list of Name Anagrams!

Scientists and Inventors

1. Notes said, “Ohm.”

2. Radium came.

3. Legacy: Road’s hero

4. beans, celery, dicer

5. I sew a hole.

World Leaders in History

6. Hated for ill

7. That great charmer

8. Had Indian rig

9. Tidal forces

10. I lead, sir. (Last name only)

1. Thomas Edison (inventor of phonograph, practical light bulb and much more)2. Madam Curie (discovered radium and created a theory of radioactivity)3. Charles Goodyear (discoverer of modern process to vulcanize rubber)4. Clarence Birdseye (founder of the modern frozen food industry)5. Elias Howe (inventor of a functional sewing machine)6. Adolf Hitler (former totalitarian leader of Germany)7. Margaret Thatcher (former British Prime Minister)8. Indira Gandhi (former Prime Minister of India)9. Fidel Castro (former Prime Minister and President of Cuba)10. Disraeli (former British Prime Minister)

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