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Anagram Examples date back as far as the 6th and 4th centuries B.C. Anagrams have also been found from the Greeks, Romans, and on into the Middle Ages.

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Examples of Anagrams:

In the Middle Ages, anagrams were formulated primarily from religious texts. On of the most popular texts to anagram was the angel's greeting in Mark's gospel:


which translated in the King James bible reads, "Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee".

Thousands of anagrams were created from the text above (in caps). One of the most popular was


which means, "Virgin, serene, holy, pure, and immaculate."

Another medieval anagram was based on Pilate's question at the trial of Jesus:

QUID ED VERITAS (What is truth?)

The Latin letters have been anagrammed to spell

VIR EST QUID ADEST (It is the man before thee.)

More Anagram Examples

Simple anagrams are…simple. They use all the letters required, but they aren’t particularly meaningful. Obviously, these are the easiest to write.

Here are a few examples:

  • toenail – elation
  • Toledo – looted 
  • Greg Tucker – egg trucker

Perfect (or Cognate) Anagrams

Shakespeare image and anagram

Ah, word lovers of the world, these are the anagrams written by the brightest of wordsmiths. In these, the anagrammed word or phrase has significance related to the original word or phrase. Consider just a few…

Famous people:

  • William Shakespeare = We all make his praise
  • Florence Nightingale = Flit on, cheering angel!

waitress with paper and pencil

Waitress = A stew, sir? 
Astronaut = Unto a star 

Common words or phrases: 
This ear = It hears 
Incomprehensible = Problem in Chinese

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