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Anagram Games

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Anagram games are a fun way to test your word play skills, and this one is no exception! Just to be sure you know what you're getting into, please note that anagrams are different words that use the same letters. Here are some examples:


If you want to learn more about solving anagrams, see our tips at the bottom of this page.

"Find the Anagram" Game

Directions: Find the word in each list that is "anagram-able." That is, find a word in which the letters can be rearranged to spell another common word.

Then, try to think of a sentence that uses both words.

Scoring your anagram game skills: Give yourself 2 points for finding the word and its anagram. Give yourself 1 more point for thinking of a (somewhat) sensible sentence that uses both words.

owl on a branch


Here's an example.

Words:  owl, bee, fox

Answer: OWL = LOW;  The owl landed on a low branch.

Your Turn!

colorful sailboat

Have fun as you try to find the anagrams and compose your own sentences! Please note that your answers may be different from ours.

1. plane, tank, boat

PLANE = PANEL; A panel inside the cockpit of the plane came loose on take-off.

2. mayor, senator, governor

SENATOR = TREASON; The senator was convicted of treason after he threatened to harm the President.

3. lettuce, scallion, parsley

PARSLEY = PLAYERS, REPLAYS and others; The baseball players asked not to have parsley in their salads.

overstuffed chair

4. couch, stool, chair

STOOL = TOOLS, LOOTS; Dad left his woodworking tools on the stool in his shop.

5. apricot, lemon, coconut

LEMON = MELON; She drizzled fresh lemon juice over the apples, melon and peach slices.

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6. loyal, devoted, true

LOYAL = ALLOY The loyal team of scientists developed a strong new alloy.

7. torte, toffee, truffle

TRUFFLE = FRETFUL Sue was fretful about shaping each truffle perfectly.

8. followed, continued, secured

CONTINUED = UNNOTICED; The thief continued to run from the scene, unnoticed in the dark.

banana split

9. maraschino, avocado, pomegranate

MARASCHINO = HARMONICAS; While the musicians played their harmonicas, I ate the maraschino cherry on top of my banana split.

10. balcony, terrace, parlor

TERRACE = CATERER; The caterer served all the guests who were seated on the terrace.

11. laptop, tablet, computer

TABLET = BATTLE; The kids had a battle over whose turn it was to use the new tablet.

12. seminar, forum, workshop

SEMINAR = REMAINS, and others; Only one question remains on water safety, after a very helpful seminar on the topic.

foot and ankle

13. ankle, shoulder, finger

FINGER = FRINGE; I like to run my finger through the soft fringe on my winter scarf.

14. plaid, solid, striped

SOLID = IDOLS; The idols were made of solid wood.

15. obstacle, problem, drawback

DRAWBACK = BACKWARD; We are moving backward on the project because we failed to recognize an important drawback in our method.

Find Your Score


How did you do? Remember to give yourself 2 points for every correct anagram. (You may have found words that we didn't include.) Give yourself 1 more point for thinking of a sensible sentence that uses both words correctly. Your sentences will, of course, be different from ours.

40 - 45 Points: EXCELLENT!!!! You have AMAZING word skills.

32 - 39 Points: GREAT WORK!!!

25 - 31 Points: GOOD JOB!!

18 - 24 Points: NOT BAD!


0 - 9 Points: PLAY MORE WORD GAMES to build skills.  :)

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