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Name Anagram

Learn How To Write Your Own!

If you like anagrams, you might really like to make your own name anagram! 

Name anagram RYAN = YARN

Here are a few quick examples of first name anagrams.

CHRISTOPHER = It's her porch

GERALDINE = Realigned

ALEXANDER = An axle, red

ELIZABETH = I bet Hazel

Choose Your Method

Many of us enjoy trying to come up with interesting word combinations from our own name.

There are two ways to do this:

1. Use an anagram generator. Many of these can be found online. Some are better than others. For a simple name like ANN FISHER, results can vary from things that almost make sense, like SHRINE FAN to the absurd, AN ISH FERN. Say what…?

2. Create your own name anagram by doing some old-fashioned wordplay. Personally, I like this method best! You can easily avoid nonsensical answers, and you can gain the personal satisfaction of a job well done once you arrive at an interesting anagram.

Tips for Making Your Own Name Anagram

Here are a few tips for creating your own name anagram. We’ll use my name for the examples.

A) Start with the hardest letters first. In ANN FISHER, the F is the hardest letter. Make a word with an F first.

B) Rewrite all the letters in all different orders, so you can see new ways of putting them together. The ER and SH are common letter combinations. To try something really different, it would be good to write the letters again, breaking up those letter pairs: A E F H I N N R S Do you see anything different?

C) Try different forms of your name. As ANN FISHER, I could also try my maiden name, my middle name, my first and middle name, or some combination of my initials:

Ann E. Fisher
Ann Esther Fisher
Ann R. Fisher
A. R. Fisher
A. Richmond Fisher

D) Write new words, over and over and over again. Keep a running list of all the possibilities. Sometimes you can go back to an outcome you rejected, switch a couple of letters and stumble upon a really good anagram.

Drum Roll, Please...

Here are some results for my names:

  • Ann Fisher = A FRESH INN
  • Ann E. Fisher = SHE RAN FINE
  • Ann R. Fisher = RAN IN FRESH
  • A. R. Fisher = RARE FISH
  • Ann Esther Fisher = HER HEN NEST IS FAR
  • A. Richmond Fisher = IRISH FED MONARCH

Results Are Awesome!

Running, laughing woman

It’s REALLY, REALLY awesome when you stumble upon words or phrases that actually describe something about you. In my case, I like SHE RAN FINE, because I have multiple sclerosis. I can walk fine most of the time, but the idea of running fine is really appealing. And I like HER HEN NEST IS FAR, because my kids are, indeed, far away from home much of the time.

So have it! Have fun anagramming your own name. Then try your hand at the names of your family members and friends.

A word of caution: If you come up with a less-than-flattering name for someone else, you might not want to share that! For example, I would be less than thrilled if someone sent me this anagram of my name:Ann Richmond Fisher = HAS CHIN FROM DINNER

Happy Anagramming!

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