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Bridal Word Scramble :

All About Weddings

bridal bouquet

Making big plans for your bridal shower? Here's a fun bridal word scramble with a twist. When all the words are unscrambled, guests can uncover a secret word.

To play this game, your guests will unscramble each wedding-related word. Then they'll write the letters in the indicated positions from their answers in the blanks at the bottom of the page. With those letters, they will spell a word heard frequently at weddings.

Here's a peek at the printable page. The full text also appears below for your conveniences. 

Bridal word scramble : All About Weddings

The first one is done as an example. (Note: Some answers will be made of more than one word.)

Printable Bridal Word Scramble

1. morog (1)           groom   – G 

2. rebdi (3)            

3. stegus  (2)          

4. didsamribe (8)      

5. swov  (4)           

6. fromdooniha (9)    

7. sleia (1)              

8. wriglefrol (3)        

9. smebtna (7)        

10. ruhes (5)           

11. tinesrim (6)        

12. uuqbeto (7)       

13. dancel (5)          

14. scumi (5)           

15. onceripte (8)      

Scroll down to the orange button for the solution, or print the pdf for the entire puzzle and solution.

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