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English Word Games

Nifty Nines

Three purple nines, from our Nifty Nines English word game

We have lots of great English word games, and this is one of our newest.

To complete this word game, you'll need to think about all the phrases and expressions you know that mention NINE or NINTH. 

Here's a peek at the printable page. The entire text also appears below for your convenience. 

"Nifty Nines" is a fun English word game. Simply supply the missing word in each sentence or expression that features NINE or NINTH. From www.word-game-world.com

Printable Version & Answers

A. Supply a word in each blank to correctly complete each sentence or phrase.

1. A cat has nine ___________.

2. A __________ in time saves nine.

3. I’m so happy, I’m on ___________ nine.

4. Nine __________ out of ten, people prefer sunshine to rain.

5. Many office workers have a nine-to-__________ job.

6. She attended the formal dance,  __________ to the nines.

7. At the restaurant, he ordered the appetizer, the salad, the dessert and the whole nine ___________.

8. Possession is nine-tenths of the ____________.

B. Finish these sentences about things that use 9. 

9. There are 9 ______________ in regular game of baseball.

10. There are 27 ____________ in 9 yards. 

11. In a famous Christmas song, there were 9 __________ dancing.

12. There are 9 digits in your ___________  ___________ number.

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