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Memory Games for Adults

Elephant holding a sign, "Memory Games for Adults."  These printable #memorygames are fun to solve on your own or with a friend. From www.word-game-world.com

These free memory games for adults are perfect for your next party. Just add this fun activity to your film night, dinner,  or family game night for an extra bit of fun.

Find out who has the best memory!

Memory Mayhem

Here's a peek at the printable version. The full game and text also appear below. 

Memory Games for Adults - Memory Mayhem, from our collection of fun #memorygames at www.word-game-world.com

Memory Mayhem Instructions

Aqua-colored easy chair with a word card that says "panda," from our Memory Games for Adults at www.word-game-world.com

Before guests arrive:

1. Write 20 interesting, unrelated nouns on index cards and place them in obvious places a room where guests will be spending a lot of time. Here a few suggestions: pancakes, alligator, helicopter, unicorn, Jupiter, purple, blizzard, shoestring, lemonade, roller coaster, oven, envelope, termites, dictionary, panda, recliner, doctor, clock, tomatoes, dime

2. Prepare a list of 10-15 questions to ask about the words and their placements. Examples: What word was on the piano? Where was the word lemonade?  How many animal words did you see?  Can you list all 20 words?

3. Have paper and pencil ready for each guest.

When guests arrive:

4. Do not point out the word cards. If someone asks you about them, simply explain that the words will be used for a game later in the party.

5. After all your guests have been present for 30 minutes or so, take everyone into another room where the word cards cannot be seen.

Cartoon guy holding a sign, "Prizes," from our Memory Games for Adults at www.word-game-world.com

6. Pass out the paper and pencils.

7. Ask the questions and instruct guests to write down their answers.

8. Tell everyone to return to the room with the cards, and go over the correct answers to your questions.

9. Find out which guests scored the highest. Give out small prizes if you like. 

More Memory Games for Adults

Man with lots of colorful neckties

Detailed Differences - Another fun adult memory game for your next party! How many differences can your friends spot? Perfect for showers, family gatherings or any party!

Word Wall 1 - Are you looking for a slightly easier challenge? Try our first wall. It also has 25 words, but we only give you 1 minute to study them. Try it to see if you think it's really easier...!

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Aqua pencil and clipboard, from our Memory Training Game at www.word-game-world.com

Memory Training Game - List Twists  Here's a simple game format to help you boost your memory! Study one of these word lists for the time given, then answer several specific questions. Work your way through increasingly difficult lists. 

You may also enjoy my fun collection of brain games. These do not require skills in remembering, but you will be challenged in other ways!

Coming Soon...

 ...More Memory Games for Adults and Kids.  Please check back often for the latest additions. Have suggestions? Please contact me with your ideas!

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