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Free Memory Games

Elephant holding a sign, "Memory Games for Adults."  These printable #memorygames are fun to solve on your own or with a friend. From www.word-game-world.com

These free memory games are great for an individual activity or for a challenging party game.  Play with family members or friends anytime you like!

Word Wall 2

This "Word Wall" is a set of 25 words, arranged in a 5 x 5 grid. To be good at this game, you must quickly memorize not only the words themselves, but also their arrangement.

Here's a peek at the printable version. The full game and text also appear below. 

Free Memory Game - Word Wall 2, from our collection of fun #memorygames at www.word-game-world.com

Instructions: Study this list of words for two minutes. Then write your answers to the questions without looking at this "wall." 


Write your answers for each question. If completing this with a group of people, supply each person with paper and pencil so each person can record his/her own responses. For best results, use the printable version.

1. How many fruits were on the wall?

2. Can you name all the fruits?

3. What holidays were on the wall?

4. What was the first word in the second row?

5. What forms of transportation were on the wall?

6. There were four desserts listed. What were they?

7. What word was in the bottom left corner?

8. What kinds of furniture were listed?

9. There was only one verb. What was it?

10. In the fourth column, the first three words all began with CA. What were they?

11. What word was above TRUCK?

12. What word was in the very middle of the wall?  

Now check your answers.

1. Five 2. plum, apple, kiwi, grape, pear 3. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, New Year’s Day 4. corn 5. truck, ship, airplane, train 6. brownie, parfait, pie, cake 7. train 8. desk, sofa, bed 9. sleep 10. candle, cake, California 11. book 12. kiwi


There are a total of 22 correct responses.

25 – 29         Superb 

20 - 24          Very Good

14 – 19         About Average

7 – 13           Focus More

0 – 6             Eat More Peanuts!

More Free Memory Games

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You may also enjoy my fun collection of brain games. These do not require skills in remembering, but you will be challenged in other ways!

New! Memory Games for Kids

Grid of 12 pictures from our Memory Games for Kids page

Get the Picture? - A simple memory game, based on a set of twelve pictures. It's great for younger kids and can be played two different ways.  

The Big Picture - A more difficult kids' memory game, similar to the one above, but with LOTS more pictures. It's great for older kids, and even adults. 

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