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Word Scramble Puzzles


Solve our word scramble puzzles for your own enjoyment or at your next party. This one is especially interesting!

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Oxymorons are pairs of contradictory words, such as only choice and pretty ugly.

In one of our most unusual word scramble puzzles, you need to separate the contradictory words, without rearranging the letters.

Here’s an example: P A L E R M O F E S C T T = almost perfect

Printable Oxymoron Scrambles

Try to discover the oxymoron in each of these sets of letters.

  1. S H J R U I M M B O P
  2. S I S C L E R E N A M T
  3. O N E L W D S
  4. M I M I R N O A C R L E
  5. F L E A V O A R S I T E T
  6. W O V A R C A K I T I N O N G
  7. O C R O I P I G I N E A L S
  8. T A L I P E V D E
  9. E E S T I X A M A C T T E
  10. I N A T E P A N T S H E Y
  11. R O S L T O L I P N G
  12. T A F R K I E E N O D V E L R Y
  13. M O H I D E S T R O N R Y
  14. N O C N R E D A I A M E R R Y
  15. O U N P I B I N A I S O E N D
  16. V A W A G U A R E E L Y
  17. H U N E S U R O N G
  18. H A L A L R G E F R
  19. I N C L S A T S A S N I T C
  20. D E M F A I N Y I T B E E
1. jumbo shrimp 2. silent scream 3. old news 4. minor miracle 5. least favorite 6. working vacation 7. original copies 8. taped live 9. exact estimate 10. intense apathy 11. rolling stop 12. friendly takeover 13. modern history 14. nondairy creamer 15. unbiased opinion 16. vaguely aware 17. unsung hero 18. larger half 19. instant classic 20. definite maybe

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