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Fun, challenging and unique adult word games are sometimes hard to find. But not here at Word Game World! There's no other puzzle quite like this. See our sample puzzle and the complete instructions here.

To solve one of our exclusive Buzzword puzzles, you will use crossword-type clues, search through a honeycomb of letters, and unscramble anagrams. We think you'll agree it's a very sweet word play treat!

Buzzword #5

Buzzword  puzzle 5

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The shaded E and the six letters surrounding it spell GRIDDLE, which matches one of the clues below.   

In the same way, find a 7-letter word for each of the remaining clues. Keep track of the center letter for each answer you find.

1. flat cooking pan   griddle-E

2. wave gently

3. betrayal

4. spicy condiment

5. long-necked mammal

6. swirling windstorm

7. something permanently attached

Now find the BUZZWORD for this puzzle by unscrambling all 7 of the center letters to spell the answer to this clue:

                      A showy display

How did you do? If you're ready to check your answers for this  Buzzword puzzle, click on the button.     

Buzzword #5
2. flutter-F 3. treason-A 4. mustard-A 5. giraffe-F 6. tornado-N 7. fixture-R Buzzword: FANFARE

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We'll be adding more Buzzwords in the future, so please check back again for more of these free word games.

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