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Fun Word Puzzles to Print

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One of favorite kinds of word puzzles to print are these exclusive Buzzwords. There's no other puzzle quite like this. See our sample puzzle and the complete instructions here.

To solve one of our exclusive Buzzword puzzles, you will use crossword-type clues, search through a honeycomb of letters, and unscramble anagrams. We think you'll agree it's a very sweet word play treat!

Buzzword #4

Buzzword puzzle 4

Printable version

The shaded R and the six letters surrounding it spell CHORTLE, which matches one of the clues below.   

In the same way, find a 7-letter word for each of the remaining clues. Keep track of the center letter for each answer you find.

1. a noisy laugh   chortle-R

2. ring-tailed mammal

3. animated film

4. flapjack

5. accurate

6. control

7. porridge

Now find the BUZZWORD for this puzzle by unscrambling all 7 of the center letters to spell the answer to this clue:

Underwater weapon

How did you do? If you're ready to check your answers for this Buzzword puzzle, scroll down and click on the orange button. Be sure to take a second and third look through the honeycomb of letters, though, before you glance at the answers. You probably can solve this without "peeking!"  

More Word Puzzles to Print

Are you ready for more? I hope so! Try these next. Feel free to go in any order. There is no definite progression of difficulty. 

Buzzword #3
2. raccoon-O 3. cartoon-O 4. pancake-P
5. correct-T 6. dictate-D 7. oatmeal-E
Buzzword: TORPEDO

More Unique Printable Word Games

Triangulair example puzzle

If you still want to find a word puzzle or two that's also different, fun and challenging, we think you'll enjoy some of these printable word games:

Triangulairs TM- Unscramble a 10-letter word and form 4-letter words following one simple rule. Try to meet or beat our scores!

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ZigZags TM - A fun-shaped puzzle to test your spelling and vocabulary expertise.

Random Definitions TM- Use only the letters in the keyword to spell new words matching each definition. Sounds simple enough, but you also have to figure out where to place these words in the diagram!

Dynamites TM -Blast our 9-letter words into two different sets of 3-letter words. Quick puzzles that are fun for everyone!

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Printable Crossword Puzzle - Corny Jokes

In this printable crossword puzzle, every clue is joke or riddle -- a very corny one, in fact! If you can come up with the same answer I did, then you’ll have no problem completing this puzzle. But then again, it may be a bit more difficult than it sounds.

The Grimacing Gardener - Here's a printable crossword puzzle free for the weeding, hoeing and growing! Inspired by a recent encounter with poison ivy, I've written this puzzle challenging plights and pestilence associated with gardening.

simple crossword puzzle - Rhyme Time

Rhyme Time Crossword Puzzle On this kids' crossword, ask your child to come up with a word for each blank that rhymes with another important work in the clue. Solve the first couple of clues together until s/he has the idea. Then let the child try to finish the rest of the clues independently. 

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We also have lots of traditional word puzzles to print, such as crosswords,   word searches, anagrams and word scrambles.

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