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Play a Puzzle Game that's Fun  and Unusual!

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Play a puzzle game (or two) for lots of fun and word play entertainment. I think you're going to like my original Buzzword puzzles--there's nothing else quite like these!

You'll need to find the answers to quick clues by searching through a honeycomb of scrambled letters. These little puzzles are challenging, fun and oh, so sweet!

You can find a sample puzzle and complete instructions here.

Buzzwords #15 and #16

Here's a peek at the printable page. The full text for both puzzles also appears below. 

Play a puzzle game or two: Buzzword 15/75 and Buzzword 16/76!

Buzzword #15

buzzword puzzle

Print Buzzwords 15 & 16

The shaded E and the six letters surrounding it spell APPEASE which matches one of the clues below.   

In the same way, find a 7-letter word for each of the remaining clues. Keep track of the center letter for each answer you find.

1. pacify appease-E

2. maybe 

3. perform surgery 

4. to advise on personal problems 

5. a large, irregular spot

6. fashionable  

7. to contaminate with waste products  

Find the BUZZWORD for this puzzle by unscrambling all 7 of the center letters to find the answer to this clue:

     baby enclosure  _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Buzzword #15
2. perhaps-A 3. operate-P
4. counsel-N 5. splotch-P
6. stylish-Y 7. pollute-L
Buzzword: PLAYPEN

Buzzword #16

Buzzword Puzzle #16/76

Print Buzzwords 15 & 16

The shaded A and the six letters surrounding it spell STAMINA, which matches one of the clues below.   

In the same way, find a 7-letter word for each of the remaining clues. Keep track of the center letter for each answer you find.

1. endurance stamina-A        

2. fast cat 

3. to use up

4. put pages in order  

5. liquid used for drinks or solvents 

6. scientist who specializes in chemistry

7. word rearranged to form another

 Now find the BUZZWORD for this puzzle by unscrambling all 7 of the center letters to spell the answer to this clue:

 abdomen  _ _ _ _ _ _ _

How did you do? If you're ready to check your answers for this  Buzzword puzzle, click on the button.   

Buzzword #16
2. cheetah-C 3. consume-S
4. collate-T 5. alcohol-O
6. chemist-H 7. anagram-M
Buzzword: STOMACH

Printable Buzzword Puzzles

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