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If you like to play free word games -- especially printable word games that are a bit different -- you're in the right place. Our Buzzword printable word games are hard to beat! You can find a sample puzzle and complete instructions here.

To solve one of our exclusive Buzzword puzzles, you will use crossword-type clues, search through a honeycomb of letters, and unscramble anagrams. There’s no other puzzle quite like this!

Buzzword #3

Here's a peek at the Printable version. The puzzle and full text also appear below. 

Play free word games here: Buzzword games!!!

Buzzword #3

Buzzword puzzle 3

The shaded Y and the six letters surrounding it spell VARIETY, which matches one of the clues below.   

In the same way, find a 7-letter word for each of the remaining clues. Keep track of the center letter for each answer you find.

1. diversity  VARIETY-Y

2. two-wheeler

3. semi-solid protein

4. tiny canned fish

5. clearness

6. in place of something

7. tooth doctor

Now find the BUZZWORD for this puzzle by unscrambling all 7 of the center letters to spell the answer to this clue:

   A powerful family

How did you do? If you're ready to check your answers for this Buzzword puzzle, scroll down and click on the orange button.     

Printable Buzzword Puzzles

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I will be adding more Buzzwords in the future, so please check back again for more of these free word games.

Buzzword #3
2. bicycle-Y 3. gelatin-T 4. sardine-N
5. clarity-A 6. instead-S 7. dentist-D
Buzzword: DYNASTY

Play Free Word Games Here!

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I'm glad you like to play free word games! That's why I've written tons of them just for you!

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