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Bible Games for Kids

Bible graphic with cross

Our Bible Games for kids are the perfect way to remind children of key Bible stories, to reinforce important Bible truths, and in the case of this game, to help in Scripture memorization.

Pop Up!

This game words well with groups of 5-15 students. Kids have to be quick on their feet as they review important memory verses. This is perfect for Sunday School class or Bible School.


1. Choose several key words from the Bible verse you want to practice. Write each of those words on a separate index card. Write the verse without those keywords for yourself. For I John 3:1, for example, you might organize the verse like this:

kids Bible puzzle

2. Pass out the word cards to your students. It's not necessary for each student to have a word card for every round.

3. Read the verse aloud, omitting the key words. "How ___ is the ___ the ___ has ___ on us that we should be ___ the ___ of ____"

When a student's word is omitted, he pops up and calls out his word.

4. Continue reading the verse, pausing each time there's a missing word.

5. If the students call out all the right words at the right time, the class gets a point. If they make a mistake, the teacher gets a point.

6. Redistribute the word cards and play again. Or practice other verses in the same manner.

7. At the end of the time period, give the students a small treat or a special privilege if they are the winners. If you are the winner, ask them to do a simple task for you.

TIP: As you play this game, as well some of our other Bible games for kids, you'll probably think of more fun variations of your own. Try out your options and repeat the ones that work best!

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