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Bible School Games

kids raising their hands to answer questions

The best Bible school games are ones that can be used to help students learn Bible verses and stories. They're also games that can be used over and over for many different ages.

We think you'll agree that many of our games do all of that.

Plus, they're fun!

Order, Please!

Play this game with a group 10-30 students. Divide the group into teams of 6-8 students. Choose a Bible verse for students to practice. Depending on the ages of the students, verses with 6-10 words work great.

1. Write each word of the verse on a separate index card. Make a set of the same verse for each team. Place each set in its own resealable plastic bag. Label the bag with the verse's reference.

2. To play the game, divide your students into teams.

3. Give each team a plastic bag.

4. On your signal, students remove the word cards and try to put them in the correct order as quickly as possible.

5. Students must stand in a straight line and hold the word cards so that the words are in the correct order.

Bible School games - word cards

6. The first team to get all the words in the correct order wins that round.

7. Play the game again with a different set of word cards and practice a different verse.

TIP: Let the students help you make the word cards for these Bible  games. That's just one more way they can practice!

More Bible School Games

You might also enjoy using some of these activities in your Bible School:

baseball player

Pop Up! - Another ideal game for groups of students to use when memorizing Bible verses. Fun and worthwhile!

Bible Baseball Batter Up! Test your group's knowledge for Bible Trivia in this fun game for any size group. We've included 30 questions and answers on a pdf for your convenience.

Sword Drills - One of the best ways to encourage kids to learn their way around the Bible

Bible Tic-Tac-Toe - Review any Bible facts using this format. Great for All Ages!

Bible bingo game card

Bible Bingo Game Old Testament Bible Bingo at its best! Play it in Bible school or at a youth group meeting. Now we have one for the New Testament, too!

Hidden Books of the Bible Try to find the names of 17 books of the Bible, from both the Old and New Testaments. The names are hidden inside of bigger words, or sometimes they are spread across more than one word.

Kids' Bible Trivia Games

These trivia activities make terrific Bible School Games!

New Testament Kids Bible Trivia Questions and Answers- Check your kids' knowledge of some well-known N.T. characters, events and even some Bible verses!

Balaam, his donkey and the angel

Old Testament Bible Trivia for Kids - Don't be put off thinking your kids don't know much about the Old Testament. I'm quite sure they've heard many of these stories. But do they know the details? Do you?

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