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Bible Games for Children

Color the Bible Verse


If you're looking for some new Bible games for children to add to your supply, I think you'll like this one that helps kids to learn Bible verses.  It's really simple to play, and ...FUN!


You will need:

  • A different Bible verse page for each student
  • Crayons
  • A small paper sack or bowl to use as a "grab bag" 
  • 26 pieces of paper or card stock

To Play

1. Write a different letter of the alphabet on each of the 26 pieces of paper. Place the alphabet cards into the grab bag.

2. Distribute the Bible verse pages** so that each child has a different one. (If you run short on these, assign pairs of children to work together one page.

3. Have children take turns blindly drawing one letter from the grab bag. When a letter is drawn, it is announced to the group.

4. Each child looks for that letter on his Bible verse page. He uses any crayon to color EVERY letter that matches. For example if an I is drawn, he would color every I on his page.

5. Continue drawing letters, announcing them, and coloring them until one or more children have finished coloring all the letters on their page. 

Bible Verse Game for KidsBible verse page, after A, C, H, I, L, O and T were drawn

6. The first one to finish is the winner.

7. You may continue play in the above manner until each child has finished his page. Or, after a winner has been declared, you may allow all the remaining children to finish coloring their verses without drawing letters.

8. Encourage kids to decorate their verses and display them at home or in your classroom. 

**About the Bible Verse Pages

Select verses that have approximately the same number of letters. The verses do not need to be exactly equal in length, however, because of the variance in repetitive letters.

Here are 7 Bible verse pages from the book of Philippians, each with between 22-30 letters.

collage of Philippians verses

You will notice that I've used shortened versions of each scripture. This is ideal for young students who may not be able to focus on a game that lasts for a long time.

For older kids, use longer verses so that they kids will have more letters to color. 

I also recommend you look at this new activity that uses Bible Verses for Kids.  You'll find two sets of important, kid-friendly scriptures for kids to unscramble and write. This is a great activity that will reinforce key verses from both the Old and New Testaments

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