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Kids Bible Puzzles

David & Goliath

Kids and games go hand in hand! Our kids Bible puzzles make learning the Scriptures fun! Your children will have a great time as they solve these activities, and you'll be pleased with all that they learn. Try several of our puzzles while you're here!

To solve this puzzle, first read the story of David and Goliath in I Samuel Chapter 17. Then read the clues. Write one word for each clue in the diagram.

If you fill in all the correct answers, a special message will appear in the yellow boxes. The message tells what helped David defeat Goliath.

Here's a quick look at the printable version, followed by a closer view of the same. 

Kids Bible Puzzles : Fun activity for David and Goliath!

1) David was not _______ of Goliath

2) The name of the king who gave David permission to fight

3) The number of stones David chose from the stream

4) Saul dressed David in his own

5) David's normal duty was to keep these animals safe

6) The name of David's oldest brother

7) Because Goliath was over 9 feet tall, he was called a _______
8) What David used to hurl his stone

9) What David refused to wear because it was too heavy

10) Where David's stone hit Goliath

                        What Helped David Defeat Goliath?

It was his _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ / _ _ _ !

1) afraid 2) Saul 3) five 4) tunic 5) sheep 6)Eliab 7) giant 8) sling 9) armor 10)head
Message It was his FAITH IN GOD

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