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Scrambled Bible Verses
for Kids

closed brown Bible with a yellow cross on the cover

Teach important Bible verses for kids the fun way! We all know that children learn best with lots of repetition, and by using a variety of teaching methods. These two worksheets make it very easy for you to do just that!

Read each verse that's listed from the Bible. Then ask your youngsters to write the verse again by putting the words shown in order. It's a simple approach that you can use again and again with additional Bible verses.

New Testament Bible Verses for Kids

Here are seven well-known scriptures about God's love and the life of Christ.

Printable Version

New Testament Bible Verses for Kids

Old Testament Bible Verses for Kids

Topics in these verses include God's wisdom and attributes.

Printable Version

Old Testament Bible verses for kids

Extension activities

Here are some additional ideas for using these scrambled Bible verses:

1. After completing the worksheets, copy the words for a single verse on separate 3 x 5 cards. Distribute the cards among your students. Ask them to stand in the order the words appear in Bible.

2. If practicing with only one child, hand all the 3 x 5 cards to him/her and ask the child to place them in the correct order.

3. Make a new copy of these same worksheets. This time, cross out one word in each verses. See if the kids can supply the missing word and write the verse correctly.

4. Make your own similar worksheets with new Bible verses.

5. Here's another fun way to teach Bible verses!

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