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Fun Movie Word Search

movie word search

This is not your typical movie word search! It's really two puzzles in one.

First, figure out what word is missing from each title.

Secondly, find that word in the puzzle diagram. Double your fun and solve this one today!

movie cameraman

Movie Word Search

How quickly can you complete the titles of 30 popular movies? We’ve chosen one film from each year from 1988 to 2017.  Find each missing word in the puzzle, and write it in the correct blank. 

Printable Word Search & Answers

Movie Word Search puzzle


1988: Rain ______________

1989: ______________ Miss Daisy

1990: Home ______________

1991: Beauty and the ______________

1992: ______________ Games

1993: ______________  Park

1994: The ______________  King

1995: Toy ______________

1996: ______________  Day

1997: ______________  & Robin

1998: Saving ______________  Ryan

1999: Star Wars Episode 1: The ______________ Menace

2000: How the ______________  Stole Christmas

2001: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s ______________

2002: Peter Pan: Return to ______________

2003: Finding ______________

2004: The Passion of the ______________

2005: The Wedding ______________

2006: ______________  and the Bee

2007: The Bourne ______________

2008: The Dark ______________

2009: Fast & ______________

2010: Alice in ______________

2011: Alvin and the Chipmunks: ______________

2012: The ______________Games

2013: ______________ University

2014: American ______________

2015: ______________ Room

2016: The ______________ Book

2017: The ______________ Batman Movie

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