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Easy Printable Crossword



On this easy printable crossword puzzle, you just have to know a little bit about a lot of bugs. And that should be easy, right? After all, you've probably been dealing with them for your entire life!

Seriously, you'll probably have no problem with this puzzle, even if you're not a scientist.

Easy printable crossword and answers

"Insects!" - an easy printable crossword
blue butterfly
3. It chirps loudly and jumps quickly
6. This insect gives off a bad odor
7. Brown insect with pincers and long antennae
11. It’s often red with black spots
13. Tiny insect that sometimes leap onto pets
14. Number of legs on all insects
18. Insect that eats wood
19. Number of body parts on insects
20. What bees make that we like to eat

1. Insects that build small hills
2. Wormlike animal that spins a cocoon
4. This kind of eye allows insects to see in many directions
5. Insect that seems to "light up" at night
8. Jumping insect with very long legs
9. This insect, like a bee, can also sting people
10. Most insects hatch from these
12. Beautiful insect that comes out of a cocoon
15. Name for the "feelers" on insects' heads
16. What bees like to eat
17. Insect that flies around lights at nighttime

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