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Easy Crossword Puzzles :
American Holidays

Christmas tree, valentine and jack-o-lantern

Our easy crossword puzzles are fun for all ages! This puzzle is all about American holidays and observances. Even if you're not an American, you'll probably know most of these answers.

When you're not celebrating all of these special days, we hope you'll come back and try many more of our easy crosswords. Don't miss our special collection for kids. Adults like these, too!

Printable puzzle and answers

American Holidays are the theme of this fun easy crossword puzzle.

2. This animal stars on February 2.
3. The second Monday in October honors this explorer.
5. These women are honored on the second Sunday in May.
6. December 25
7. They're honored on the third Sunday in June.
10. Week-long African-American festival that begins on December 26.
13. First Tuesday after the first Monday in November (2 words)
14. January 1 (3 words)
15. October 31
17. Third Monday in February is ___ Day.
18. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is in this month.

cartoon turkey

1. July 4th is also known as ___ Day.
4. The last Monday in May is ____ Day.
8. Fourth Thursday in November
9. This environmentally-friendly day is April 15. (2 words)
11. The first Monday in September (2 words)
12. Valentine's Day is _____ 14th.
16. A Christian holiday celebrate on a Sunday in March or April

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