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Printable Crossword Puzzle
Corny Jokes!

smiling ear of corn

In this printable crossword puzzle, every clue is joke or riddle -- a very corny one, in fact! If you can come up with the same answer I did, then you’ll have no problem completing this puzzle. But then again, it may be a bit more difficult than it sounds.

DISCLAIMER: There may be more than one answer to some of these groaners, and you may not think these are funny at all. But I’m guessing you’ll love solving this crossword!

Corny Jokes Crossword

Printable version and answer

printable crossword puzzle - Corny Jokes



1.       How does a mouse feel after it takes a bath? (2 wds.)

4.       Where were the first donuts fried?

6.       Where are delinquent hard drives sent? (2 wds.)

9.       What is a diver’s favorite game?

13.     What do rock musicians use when they get hurt?

16.     What pets do musicians like?

17.     What kind of artist is likely to get arrested? (2 wd.)

19.     If a seagull flies over the sea, what flies over the bay?

woman laughing and running

22.     What cannot run even though it has three feet?

23.     What did the mother buffalo say to her son before he left?

25.     What’s the most popular tune?

26.     What is brown and sticky?

27.     What do you put in a barrel to make it lighter?

28.     What do you call an angle that’s been in a car crash?

29.     How do you make a puppy disappear? (2 wds.)

30.     What do you get when you cross chocolate powder with a magic dragon? (2wds.)


2.       What do you call a boy hanging on the wall?

3.       What do you get when you cross an ear of corn with a spider?

5.       How did the computer feel after its memory had been upgraded?

7.       How to you throw the best party in the universe?

8.       What has teeth but doesn’t bite?

10.     How do you get an astronaut’s baby to fall asleep?

11.     What can be divided, but no one can see where it was divided?

man on the floor, laughing

12.     What kind of waves are impossible to swim in?

14.     What do cats have that no other animal in the world has?

15.     What kind of fish like peanut butter?

18.     What kind of music can you play with your toes?

20.     What do you call a grizzle bear with no teeth (2 wds.)

21.     What musical instrument is not to be believed?

24.     What’s the difference between an old penny and a new dime? (2 wds.)

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