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Free Bible Story
Coloring Pages

The life of Moses

Moses at the Red Sea

These free Bible story coloring pages will help your young Bible students learn and remember some amazing events from the life of Moses.

From being hidden in a basket in the water to receiving the Ten Commandments, Moses truly led a remarkable life as he followed God.

Free Bible Story Coloring Pages

All five printable pages

Moses - Bible Coloring Page 1
Moses - Bible Coloring Page 2
Moses - Bible Coloring Page 3
Moses - Bible Coloring Page 4
Moses - Bible Coloring Page 5

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About these coloring pages

1. The first page illustrates baby Moses, just after he was found by Pharaoh's daughter, floating in the water. His mother had placed him there securely in a water-tight basket after the lives of all the Hebrew infants had been threatened. Read the entire account in Exodus 2. 

2. The second page comes from Exodus 3, when God spoke to Moses from a burning bush.

3. Exodus 5 tells of the first time Moses went before Pharaoh to ask permission for all the Israelites to leave Egypt to worship God. That's the setting for our third coloring page in this set. 

4. The fourth page shows the monumental event of the parting of the Red Sea which allowed Moses and the Israelites to escape from Pharaoh's army as told in Exodus 14.

5. The final free Bible story coloring page depicts Moses with the Ten Commandments, as explained in Exodus, chapters 19 and 20.

Of course, there are many more noteworthy events in the life of Moses. Encourage your kids to make their own illustrations for their favorites. 

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