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Bible Coloring Pages
for Kids

Jesus Does Amazing Things

Bible coloring pages for kids - Jesus walks on water

These Bible coloring pages for kids feature four Bible stories about amazing events from the life of Christ. The final page tells kids that Jesus can do amazing things in their lives today! What could be better than that?

Each page includes a scripture passage that should be read with kids at the beginning of the lesson. There are sentences to complete and a lively picture to color. 

Use these fantastic pages to remind kids about their amazing Savior!

All 5 Printable Pages

Jesus Heals the Sick

Bible coloring page - Jesus Heals the Sick

Jesus Walks On Water

Jesus Fees a Crowd

Bible coloring page - Jesus Feeds a Crowd

Jesus Arose!

Bible coloring page - Jesus walks on water
Bible coloring page - Jesus Arose

Jesus Gives Me Strength

On this final page, teach children that Jesus' power works in people today, just as it did back in the Bible. 

Encourage kids to share examples they've seen of Jesus' hand in their lives.

Be ready to share some stories of your own!

Get all five printable coloring pages here

This Bible story and activity features the account in Matthew 14 when Jesus fed a crowd. This is a great accompaniment to the matching coloring page above. 

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closed brown Bible

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