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Solve Free Crossword Puzzles Online...Or Print Them Out!

A State by Any Other Name

Cartoon of the state of Nevada

Solve our free crossword puzzles online, or print them out, beginning with this fun crossword that features the nicknames of all fifty states of the U.S.A.

A State By Any Other Name Crossword

Do you know the nicknames for all 50 states in the U.S.A.? If not, you’ll learn them as you complete this interesting crossword puzzle. For each clue, write the state that matches each nickname into the crossword. Even if you know just a few of the answers, you’ll find more and more as you fill in letters.

Printable Crossword & Solution

or solve the online version!

Free Crossword Puzzles Online - Diagram for U.S. States Nicknames Puzzle


2. Treasure State

5.  Bluegrass State

7.  Land of Enchantment

11. Empire State

14. Golden State

17. Old Line State

18. Beehive State

19. Show Me State

20.  Lone Star State

21.  Heart of Dixie

23. Grand Canyon State

25. Wolverine State

26. Sunshine State

28. Beaver State

30. Hoosier State

33. Equality State

37. Centennial State

cartoon of the state of Arkansas

38. Land of Opportunity

40. Magnolia State

44. Badger State

47. Garden State

48. Sooner State

49. Keystone State

50. Pine Tree State


1. First State

3. Cornhusker State

4. Green Mountain State

6. Constitution State

8. Bay State

9.  Hawkeye State

10. Mountain State

12. Gopher State

13. Evergreen State

15.  Palmetto State

16. Flickertail State

22. Pelican State

24. Empire State of the South

27. Land of Lincoln

29. Granite State

31. Last Frontier

32. Aloha State

34. Volunteer State

35. Silver State

36. Tar Heel State

39. Ocean State

41. Mount Rushmore State

42. Buckeye State

43. Sunflower State

45. Old Dominion

46.  Gem State

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