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Third Grade Reading Games

Four Score

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Are you looking for some creative ways to teach third grade reading? You will probably want to add some of our creative third grade reading games to your tool box!

Skill: Antonyms (opposites)

Grade level: 3-4

Players: 2

Objective: Cover 4 words in a row

Supplies: pdf game cards, word cards, small colored squares of paper in different colors (one color per player)

To Play:

red game markers

1. Print the game cards and give one to each player. Print the word cards, cut apart, and place in a small paper bag. Give each player several colored squares of paper.

2. The first player draws a word card from the bag and reads it to the group. Each player thinks about the opposite of that word. She reads the words on her game board. If she finds the word she covers it with a colored square.

3. The second player draws a word card. Play continues in the manner described above until one player has four markers in a row, across, down, or diagonally on his own game card. That player wins the round and earns 2 points. If no player gets 4 in a row, all players earn 1 point.

4. Play more rounds as time allows. Players may switch game cards for each round.

5. The player with the most points when game time ends is the winner.

cat playing cards


1) Make additional game cards, arranging the same words in different places so that 3-4 students can play.

2) Practice other antonyms or synonyms using the same format with new game cards and word cards.

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