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If you like word games puzzles and brain teasers that are a bit out of the ordinary, you've come to the right place. Sure, we have lots of crosswords and word search puzzles, but we also have of unique puzzles -- like this one!

Quotable Quandary

In this fun puzzle, the directions are really quite simple. But is the puzzle easy to solve? You'll have to try it to find out!

First, decide which excess letters need to be eliminated. Then decide where to put spaces between words. You'll be left with an amusing quotation about an animal.

Here's a peek at the printable page

"Quotable Quandary" is a quirky little word game that's fun to solve!

Printable Quotable Quandary Puzzle


If you're ready for another fun puzzle format, try this one!

Shifting Sands

In this popular puzzle format, you must change just one letter at a time to form a new word, until you reach the word at the end of each row. You'll always spell a common word, and you won't have to rearrange the letters.

For example, in the first line of the puzzle, you could change SWIM to SWAM and then to SWAT, and so on.

Here's a peek at the printable page

Shifting Sands, one of fun free word games and puzzles. Change one letter at a time to transform each four-letter word into another

Use a pencil because you just might need to change your answers before you reach the end of each line!  Use these links to solve this fun puzzle for yourself: 

              Printable Shifting Sands Puzzle            


More Word Games
Puzzles & Brain Teasers

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These are just two of the assorted word games puzzles and activities on our site. Please stay awhile and check out many more! In fact, you just might like some of these:

Or, try some of most popular traditional puzzles:

Christmas tree, valentine and jack-o-lantern

U.S. Holidays and Observances There's so much to celebrate! Check your knowledge of lots of special days, anytime of year. Even if you're not an American, you'll probably know most of these. Easy crossword.

Famous Pairs: If you can finish clues like mac and ? or peanut butter and ?, you'll have a blast with this one! It's really fun to solve with a friend. Another easy crossword.

Cryptogram Puzzles - Our large assortment includes cryptoquotes and cryptofamiles.

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Celebrities! Find the last name of the actor/actress who starred in each pair of films. Entertaining for you!

Commuter Crossword Puzzles You shouldn't need a crossword puzzle dictionary to solve this, making it the perfect puzzle for commuters. Print out an extra copy or two to share with your co-workers.

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