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Fun Furniture

fun green and pink striped chair

We have word searches to print for just about everyone! Use the links at the right to find just the set you want.

On this puzzle you'll need to locate 25 kinds of fun furniture! Just relax in your hammock, loveseat, or porch swing as you try to find them all. The words in this puzzle appear horizontally and vertically, both backward and forward.

Printable Puzzle and Answers

Word searches to print - furniture puzzle

Word List

bar stool

bean bag


bunk bed

canopy bed



foot rest



hat stand

hope chest


love seat


porch swing



roll top desk



tea cart




Following Up...

If you're completing this puzzle with a child, you just may have a great time together discussing some of these types of furniture with which the child may not be familiar.

cedar chest

For example, does he/she know what a "hope chest" is? You can explain that young women used to buy or receive a large chest, often made of cedar. They would begin to fill it with linens and other special items in hopes of using it when they someday became married.

(My husband and I actually have two of these, one from his mother and one from my grandmother. They are precious parts of our families' histories!)

You can also explain a tea cart, sectional, hammock and other items. If you have any of these, be sure to show them to your young friend!

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