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Kids Bible Games

Jesus  Feeds a Crowd

boy handing Jesus a basket with two fish and five loaves of bread

Our kids Bible games are fun, and they provide a great way to learn or review important Bible events. See the links at the bottom of the page for lots more fun printable Bible games and activities.

To solve this page, first read Matthew 14:13-21. Then read our version of the same story. Unscramble each underlined word from the word list and place in the blank in the story where it makes the most sense.

Here's a peek at the printable Bible word puzzle. Find the complete word list and text below. 

Jesus Feeds a Crowd, One of our Kids Bible Games

Word List














A very large A)________ of people had been listening to Jesus speak. It had been a long day, and everyone was getting hungry.

The B)_______ said," We should tell people to go buy their own food." Jesus replied,"They do not need to go away. You must give them something to eat!" After looking around his disciples said to him,"We just have C)_______ of bread and D)_______."

Jesus told the people to sit on the E)_______. He took the food, looked up toward heaven and gave F)_______. He broke the loaves and gave them to his disciples . The disciples passed the food around to about five thousand G)_______, plus many H)_______ and I)_______.

Soon everyone was full. They picked up all the J)_______ food. There was enough to fill K)_______ large L)_______!

A)4-crowd B)11-disciples C)8-five loaves D)5-two fish E)1-grass F)7-thanks G)2-men H)6-women* I)9-children J)leftover K)twelve baskets *women and children can be switched

Now try these Bible coloring pages! You'll find one that perfectly matches this story. 

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