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Cryptogram Corner 

Two Cryptofamilies

Thanks for visiting our cryptogram corner. Solve these cryptofamily lists like you would any other cryptogram. It helps to know that each word is related to the same topic. Please read our tips for solving cryptograms to get started. 

Puzzle #1 - Dirty Digs

Decode our cryptogram list of 10 kinds of dirt that you may have seen in someone else’s home. (We know that these wouldn’t be found in your home!) As with other cryptograms, each word in this list uses the same code, so if you find that J = A in one word, then J = A in every word.

Here's a peek at the printable page. You can also find the full text below.

"Dirty Digs" is a fun puzzle from our Cryptogram Corner. Find more at www.word-game-world.com

Printable Version and Answers

Example: Grime

1. V K L Y

2. M A I W V I

3. F K Y J

4. O K R D I R V

5. F H J

6. V O H F

7. F L Y J I D

8. B L T M I A Q A L T X V

9. J H V X R H T T L I V

10. V X W L T V

Puzzle #2 - Cleaning Genies

Now let's clean it all up! Decode the names of these popular cleaning products. You'll be uncovering the brand names.

Printable Version and Answers











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