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Printable Cryptograms

Set #1 - Potpourri

If you enjoy solving printable cryptograms, we think you're going to love this assortment. You'll uncover quirky quips and quotes that are sure to make your smile -- or make you think. Each image serves as a clue to the message.

To solve these puzzles, remember that each letter shown below represents another letter of the alphabet. For example, in this cryptogram, X might represent J. That doesn’t mean that J represents X. But it does mean that every X will always represent J in this puzzle. See more tips for solving cryptograms.

Cryptograms to Print - Set #1

Cryptogram #1   No Fault Insurance?

cryptogram puzzle and erasers

Cryptogram #2   Warm Enough?

cryptogram puzzle and toaster

Cryptogram #3   A Real Groaner!

cryptogram puzzle and stamp

Cryptogram #4   An O.K. Bouquet?

cryptogram puzzle and rose

Cryptogram #5  Medical Advice

cryptogram puzzle  and wishing well

Crytogram #6   Time to Spare

Again, here's the link to all six cryptograms on this page. Be sure to try them all, then share them with a friend or two!

More Printable Cryptograms

statue of The Thinker

If you're ready to solve more cryptograms, we suggest you try some of these:

Cryptograms - Set #2  Humorous animal quips

Cryptograms - Set #3  Funny things that happen on the job

Cryptograms - Set #4  Easy jokes and riddles

Cryptograms - Set #5  For smart people!

We also recommend these quotations:

Cryptoquotes - Set #1: Here's a fascinating set of quotations from a variety of people past and present. Nuggets of wisdom that still ring true!

Cryptoquotes - Set #2: Another eclectic assortment of quotes that will provide a challenge and a thought-provoking quote.

Quotations from Mark Twain: Wisdom, witticisms and smiles await!

We have lots of cryptofamilies, too. These are sets of 10 words on a related subject. Here are just two examples:

Dressed to Dazzle

Dirty Digs and Cleaning Genies

More Word Games to Solve

word game world logo

If you are a word game guru like many of our visitors, you will also want to check out some of our unique word games.

Buzzword sample puzzle

One our all time favorites is a free printable word game called Buzzwords. To solve one of our exclusive Buzzword puzzles, you will use crossword-type clues, search through a honeycomb of letters, and unscramble anagrams. There’s no other puzzle quite like this!

Our ZigZags are also original, and lots of fun!

Use the buttons on the left to find crosswords, word searches, kids' games and more!

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