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A Crossword Puzzle
Free, Fun and Printable!

grimacing gardener

Here's a crossword puzzle free for the weeding, hoeing and growing! Inspired by a recent encounter with poison ivy, I've written this puzzle about all sorts of challenging plights and pestilence associated with gardening.

But don't worry! If this one's a bit too thorny for your tastes, I have lots of other crosswords on rosier topics. See the links at the bottom of the page.

The Grimacing Gardener

Use the printable version of this crossword puzzle to check your knowledge of those occasional gardening glitches. Answer is included.

Crossword Puzzle Free - Grimacing Gardener



1.       Overuse can lead to runoff that damages surface waters

2.       Small pits on tubers indicate this disease (2 wds.)

5.       Noisy unwanted reptile

7.       Too much or too little of this is a common problem.

10.     Plant with edible, tart stalks but poisonous leaves

11.     Overuse of this class of weedkiller can injure plants

13.     Fungus that infects corn plants

14.     Shield-shaped insect that gives off an unpleasant odor when crushed (2 wds.)

15.     Insect-eating underground dwellers

18.     Used to suppress weeds, but too much can cause rot

19.     This type of soil drains slowly and can cause root damage

21.     Showy springtime problem

22.     Rash-causing weed (2 wds.)

caterpillar munching on green leaves


1.       Disease that causes scorched-looking new leaves

3.       A thick type of unwanted grass

4.       Type of caterpillar that cuts off seedlings just above the ground

6.       Animal that grazes, leaving damaged woody plants, roses, fruits and vegetables

8.       Prickly plant or shrub

9.       Winged annoyance, especially around fresh fruit (2 wds.)

12.     Ugly nocturnal insect that feeds on tender new growth

14.     Type of soil that often does not retain water or nutrients

15.     Umbrella-shaped fungi

16.     Nocturnal animal that loves sweet corn and strawberries

17.     Non-native plant type that spreads on its own

20.     Prolific insect that sucks the sap from stems and leaves

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